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Thriving Kids - Paediatricians

General Paediatric Consultations

Besides Thriving Kids being the home of 2 super-specialists, who are focusing on Pulmonology, Neonatology and Allergy, all 4 the doctors are well trained in problems relating to children from all ages from birth to 16 years.

Our general consultation last anything between 20-45 min, with an average of 30 minutes. During these consultations numerous child illnesses and problems are discussed, ranging from normal healthy children to chronic and acute illnesses and problems.

Some of these include:

During a consultation the paediatrician will ask numerous questions related to the complaint, but also to the general health and development of your child. There-after he or she will be examined in a child friendly environment, where not only the problem area will be examined but the whole child to reveal other related and non-related signs. After the examination the paediatrician will discuss what she found, and appropriate treatment will be prescribed as well as advice given.

If you were referred by your GP ,the paediatrician will give your GP the relevant feedback.

But you do not need a GP referral to make an appointment, unless it is required by your medical aid. No problem is either too big or too small to warrant our attention.

Whether your child is in perfect health or very sick, we are ready to make your experience and that of your child not only fun, but also filled with information, advice and peace of mind.

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